Tuesday, 24 July 2012

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Monday, 21 May 2012

LightBomber app will light paint your photos to life

LightBomber iPhone photo editing App

Add some glow to your low light photos with the LightBomber app for a cool light painting effect.

On the off chance you’ve never heard of light painting, it’s those pictures you see with glowing lights dragged across the screen to form shapes, paths, and sometimes even words. This is a photography effect achieved by using long exposures to capture the path of light. To get your camera to capture the cool effect, you’ll often need a tripod to hold the camera steady as you set the slow shutter speed to create the image. Of course, for photo amateurs, attempting this could be rather difficult at first especially if you don’t own a full size tripod or have trouble timing and setting everything correctly. Hey, that’s what apps are for.

MRI Lightpainting Sample photo

LightBomber is an app for photography team M.R.I. Lightpainting who can be hired to parties to set up photo booths creating such effect. You can see the sample photo of their work from a fundraiser party I attended last night where I first came across LightBomber the app. For $1, the iPhone app allows users to capture long exposure lights in a tutorial type of manner so you can ensure you get the effect you’re looking for. You can how long you want the exposure to stay open (between 10 to 60 seconds) and how much light is in the room. The longer the exposure, the more time you’ve obviously have to whip up something with a sparkler, flashlight, or even the LED light on a mobile device.

The app also lets you paint your own pictures with some preset lights to dress up the photos even more in case you happen to not have some sort of light source while taking the picture. Lastly, you can share them online and see trending and popular photos the LightBomber community has taken. The app is useful for low light conditions that need a little sprucing up, such as an indoor concert or bars, or perhaps just a scene on the streets.

Sadly, the app is only available on iOS at the moment but given the same style of photo editing apps with vintage filters, LightBomber is a refreshing change to the mix. Now that you have the ability to create light paintings, graffitis, art, whatever you want to call it, this is an easy way to practice your long exposure lighting skills before attempting it on a full functioning camera. Since the iPhone is much more portable than a camera, you can also try resting the phone on your chest for more sturdiness to produce the best results. As the LightBomber description says, “The Streets Are Dark, Light ‘Em Up!”

I like this app - cool background effects. There are so many photo apps out there (with Instagram leading the way), but I like these niche ones that add a cool effect but don't significantly change the original.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We LOVE apps!

Best iPhone AppWhen you are looking for the Best IPhone Apps for commutation you need to check out the apps we profile here. Not only are the interfaces users friendly they are a lot of fun to use. Get your friends to download the same apps, then staying in touch and up to date with each other will be easier than ever. Be sure to check out each of them to see which of the top apps are going to be the best iPhone app for you. 

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Best iPhone AppThis is the Best IPhone App for calls, video chats, and instant messaging for anyone on Skype. Both callers need to be on Skype. There is a very low rate for calls and text. It works over 3G or Wi-Fi. You can share moments on video calls with front and rear-facing cameras. This is the best iPhone app for video chatting with other Skype users. This app is free to download however there is a small charge for texting and for calls including voice and video chatting.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Status Shuffle

Best iPhone AppThis is the Best IPhone AppThis is the Best IPhone App for Facebook. You can stay connected with friends easily, it even allows for the Facebook chat feature. It checks statuses of friends, photos that are recently posted, and you can look up phone numbers. You are even able to upload your own pictures and videos, update your status and post on your friends walls. You will even be notified when you have something new posted to your profile. This is the best iPhone app for Facebook and it is free.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Whats App Messenger

Best iPhone AppThis is the Best IPhone App with a cross platform for a Smartphone messenger. You can receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and even video message at no cost. There is even a feature to group chat, even internationally with no extra charge. This is considered one of the best iPhone apps because you can get rid of all of your pins and usernames, there is no need to login or out and no need to go through and add all of your friends. This app will do it for you. There is only a small onetime fee to get this top app.


Monday, 19 September 2011

What are the Top Social Networking Apps?

Best iPhone AppEveryone is on a social networking site these days. Some even have a profile or two on several different social networks. With the Best iPhone Apps listed here you will be able to update your status, location and pictures with just a swipe of your finger. Staying in touch with family and friends has never been so simple and easy to do. Now you will not miss a birthday party, or miss the pictures of your friend’s new born baby. So read on to find out which of the best iPhone apps is going to be your social networking go to app.

Best iPhone Apps